Most memorable quotes&unquotes during my MNM sojourn

March 6, 2008

These are the best convos/quotes I’ve heard from people during my MNM stay. I’m sad that I’m going to be missing such convos every day.

1. Astala-Vista

X: Hey Arun.. see Windows Vista in college! Wow
Me: Vista on a 128 MB machine!?? Impossible
X: Yeah! See it
Me: Yeah.. this is Vista right!
X: See how clear Vista is! I am able to read clearer with Vista
Me: What!!?? Thats because its a good monitor. How the hell does Vista improve clarity?
X: It does.. See my monitor and yours
[Mine is a CRT, hers is a TFT]

2. Gimme “C” X Hey.. I don’t have C in my house.. can you give me C?
Me: What?? Do you mean the compiler?
X: No.. I don’t need the compiler. I use notepad. Just give me C

3. PSP does it yet again!X: Tomo is the first day of college! Wow! I’m entering my 2nd year
PSP: Yeah.. Noticed you changed your pic. Why Asin?
X: Because she’s my idol
PSP: You look like asin?
X: Yeah
PSP: Cool! Shall we play the 007 game? Lets see if I find you first or you find me first
X: What!??
PSP: Lets see who finds who first, in person
[User X is offline. All messages you send hereafter will be delivered when X comes online]

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