Unity in diversity?

All Indians know the phrase “Unity in diversity” and know what it stands for.

Well.. I am real surprised by this phrase, because it certainly doesn’t hold good! As a matter of fact, Indians are the least united group  – starting from that 7/11 guy across the road who would, at the slightest provocation from a fellow Indian, shoot him down with the shotgun under his desk, to more important people in one’s daily life! (For people not in US:  7/11 is a grocery/convenience store; many are owned by Indians).

I was in this Indian restaurant last week (and I swear that is the last time I will visit an Indian restaurant in the US), and the owner was all smiles to customers, and walked around every table and made sure things were good. Well.. almost all tables – I mean the tables with no Indians. We took a table, and he put up a grouchy face. I ordered a milkshake (2$), and he stated in a baritone – “Credit card minimum order 3$”. Things got funnier next – there was a small container of chutney in our table. Quite soon, a table of Iranians ran out of chutney and asked for some more. Our grouchy Indian friend picked the one from our table and gave it to the Iranians! What manners! I mean.. you got to ask, at least!!

Things got more interesting when a gentleman from his city in India turned up at the restaurant.This gentleman asked our Indian friend where he is from. He turned up a grouchier-than-usual face and replied “Stone and Fort Lowell”, which is an intersection in Tucson! This guy was taken aback and told him he is from Bandra, a beautiful suburb of Mumbai. Our friend was least impressed and imposed the next question “Any orders, sir?” – yeah someone comes into your restaurant to chat with the owner. This poor guy asked for some stuff which was unfortunately less than 3$. Our friend barked the same dialogue again – “Credit card minimum order 3$”.

Reminds me of the Russel Peters’ quote – “Difference between terrorists and Indians – Terrorists hate the US, Indians hate themselves”

9 Responses to Unity in diversity?

  1. Abhinav says:

    I don’t agree. Is it not too much of a generalization? I too have been to many Indian restaurants here, and they have been pretty nice to me.

    If Indians were to hate each other, then would we have attained freedom, and would we have people devoted for the development of our country and its people, and would we have so many cultures simultaneously coexist for so many years? India is probably the only nation which has not got a single common chord, not language, not religion, not even a common enemy, but it has survived and done well.

    In my opinion, some Indian not liking another Indian is entirely an individual trait, not a national characteristic, and one which that person would have exhibited even if he would have been an American.

  2. Arun M says:

    Hey Abhinav 🙂

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    I think you missed the tagline of the blog. It says _True titles, false content_. My entire blog is fictional! Nothing of what I write is truue

  3. Tapasya says:

    Exaggerated. I think Indians in the US (and Indians abroad, in general) are very helpful to fellow Indians. You probably just had a bad experience…

  4. Arun M says:

    The tagline is “True titles, false content”. All my stuff is fictional! 🙂

  5. sundar says:

    I didnt miss the tagline. Yet I dont agree with your post and think its a little too exaggerated. Indian restaurants abroad are pretty good. They serve you with the same amount of cordiality as everyone else. You are a very bad person to do this.

    Na un pechu ka. 🙂

  6. Arun M says:

    @Sundar: How many times have you been abroad?

  7. Pavithra.C says:

    forget Indians abroad..i personally feel there is no unity with indians within India!! esp wen the south indians have to travel to the north! they have a totally different perception and attitude towards the south indians!!! 😦

  8. tulsidas123 says:

    This might have been ONE of those bad experiences, but in general we Indians find it hard to come out of our regional cocoons for some reason.

    R.Peters is right. Indians hate each other and yet we can coexist. That is the secret to our ‘unity in diversity’.

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