Conspiracy theories: Miss Eternal gets into centillion

This is about a certain Miss. Eternal who got an offer from a famous company named Centillion. This post serves to expose conspiracy theories about how Miss. Eternal got through.

First, a little background about Centillion. The base idea behind Centillion started off as a spin-off from the classic binary search. Realising binary search needs to be tweaked, Centillion made their own Centillion File System, removed all the nuts and bolts from a popular operating system and made a Centillion Operating System, and used machines which you and I thought unfit to use at banks. Nobody really understands how, why or how well any of these work, but virtue of being done by Centillion, all of these pieces of work are considered the best!

A little about Miss Eternal. Miss Eternal is extremely passionate about what she does. (She even has a heart of gold to take care of the underprivileged). Miss Eternal has been researching in hot topics in compilers. She has written an entire file system, an entire compiler all on her own, and is now moving on to move the world with her groundbreaking ideas in compilers.

However, given the drastic requirements of entry into Centillion, some of which are ownership of an elephant seal, no interests in life other than academics and a brain that can store more information than your 1TB hard disk, it makes it clear that Eternal does not deserve to get into Centillion. However, still, she has somehow made it in! Intelligence reports suggests that Eternal may work on any of the topics below:

Future of what Miss Eternal may work on in Centillion:

1. Centillion Homework System: Eternal may well add another leaf in Centillion’s cap by writing the first system that takes assignment questions and outputs code, thereby making more information accessible. This however, has vehement opposition from the intellectual community since it trivializes their lifetime of work and make graduate students’ lives easier. But Eternal is determined to fight against all odds and win.

2. Centillion Operating System: Miss Eternal has written the filesystem for the operating system already. All that is a while(1) loop that runs till the reset button is hit.

3. Centillion Algorithm Designer: Being extremely passionate about algorithms and working on them for hours at a stretch, Eternal is no doubt the master of Algorithms at my University. She has also mastered the fundamentals of programming languages, and is currently working on a compiler that will compile  a language called APL (Algorithmic Programming Language) that, given an algorithm in plain text, writes code! (Expressions still cannot have side effects, though).

4. Centillion Thesis Writer: Being a graduate student and spending the last intriguing 24 hours before a deadline  trying to decipher LaTeX error messages such as “Warning: underfull and overfull hbox”, has motivated Eternal to work in this area and improve the life of graduate students. She could work on a tool, that, given a thesis topic, draws figures and writes descriptions (everyone steals from wikipedia anyways.. so why not automate it?).

5. Centillion Mail: CMail is by far the best email service in existence. Eternal plans to take it to new levels by writing several tools for graduate students such as “Automated Over-enthusiastic Professor Reply” (professors who email you at 3am and expect a reply in half-hour), “Automated Frustrated Graduate Student detection” (signs of which are tendency to delete orkut profile, write nasty stuff in emails intended to professors, then undo them out of fear) and to top it all, “Automated Professor Text Disambiguator” which serves to disambiguate mails written by professors and put in plain english what the professor meant.

PS: All names and descriptions by no means mock anyone! I sincerely apologise if any of my original thoughts above happen to conflict with something that already exists in the world!

10 Responses to Conspiracy theories: Miss Eternal gets into centillion

  1. prashanth says:

    well.. I already know the fundae behind the story but I still don’t understand the conspiracy theory. Prolly you could explain that over chat.

  2. Bharatwaj Appasamy says:

    So what, you don’t give a tiny rat’s ass about your “blog” for 6 months and come out with something like this?! you should have probably made it much more harder to find out what’s what…. inspiration from the fake IPL player blog is it? BTW, I don’t understand the conspiracy theory behind it either… care to enlighten me on that?

  3. prashanth says:


    Do you think a blog is a space where people have to keep posting regularly? Doesn’t it depend on the individual and his/her life? Correct me if I’m having a wrong notion in my mind.

    I’m not blindly defending Arun but I honestly think he has better things to do than write a blog post for people like you and me to read da!

    About the conspiracy theory, he explained it to me over phone and its still pretty vague! Leave it! You’re better off that way! 😛

  4. sundar says:

    centillion is the same as a googol?

  5. Arun M says:


    Centillion is 303 zeroes after a 1.

  6. Tapasya says:

    I know who Ms. Eternal is, and @sundar — you got it dude 😉

    Nice Post though…the Centillion Thesis Writer is going to be a big hit !!

    And I’m sure there’s soon going to be a breakthrough in denotational semantics…or maybe lambda calculus would become the predecessor of what could be called “Ms. Eternal Calculus” 😀

  7. Arun M says:

    😀 Yeah.. Good one about the Ms. Eternal Calculus :D. Judging by the amount of effort Eternal puts into the course, its very well possible!

  8. Ferinannnd says:

    Хорошая работа!

  9. Arun M says:


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