How not to solve a problem

Below is a chat with a friend of mine, who is normally fine (normal = never). He had to pick up a pair of headphones from my house. The problem is how to do it amidst his hectic schedule. (It will take a round trip of 3 hours at most to come to my house and return).

This is perfectly how not to solve it! The art of giving excuses for every possible solution I suggest. I even went down to the level of stopping on my knees to get these to him!

Advisory: A bit long and detailed post

Mr. Whodunit: dude……if you don’t mind, can I suggest an alternative?
is it possible to let Abhishek keep my earphones so that I can pick them up from here?
because it looks like I’ll have to go down to Chittoor in Jan second week to visit the relative who came out of deathbed recently….
and third week is full of results…..and IF I make it into some insti, I’ll have to attend counselling for PIs from TIME
me: no da.. i will have to put it in my house.. i cant tell abi to keep it
Mr. Whodunit: hmmm……then I’ll have to see if I can take it in Jan last week or 3rd week end
me: i could do something else like pass it through MNM CS junior arvind
and he passes it to a T Nagar fellow  or Mrs. Maratha  and u pick it up from them
Mr. Whodunit: no no…..leave it…..
I don’t wanna see Mrs. Maratha as long as I’m on the face of the earth!
I’d rather travel all the way and see your parents!
me: u r a big nut
Mr. Whodunit: if Abhishek can keep it I don’t mind spending an hour or less before jan itself….
me: hard da
Mr. Whodunit: if I go to your place, I can’t leave without staying for an hour da….
can’t drop in and not stay and not talk to parents and all
won’t be polite
Mr. Whodunit: it’ll take about 5 hrs single shot
me: dun worry abt that
ill send it to Miss. Junior
She’s in T nagar
i cant understand whats ur issue taking it from Mrs. Maratha
Mr. Whodunit: sorry da
me: hey! just rememberd! my sis comes to whats that college?
MOP vaishnav
Mr. Whodunit: ok
me: I can ask her to pass it around after college
Mr. Whodunit: poor female….she hardly knows me da and she wont have her cell
moreover, I’m pretty conservative as well!
Mr. Whodunit: I’d rather not go to a girls’ college to take a pair of earphones!
me: wait at the bus stop or something for her
Mr. Whodunit: moreover, I know quite a few people in MOP now 😀
if I get sighted, screwed dhaan!
yen maanatha vaangiduvaanga 😀
me: macha.. to get a simple pair of headphones, you are blocking all ur ways of getting it!
u r putting roadblocks in all possible ways
seeing problems with every way
me: dude.. this chat is hilarious.. can i blog about it?
Mr. Whodunit: D00d!!! no! Don’t
I’m also OK with taking it from Mrs. Maratha/Miss. Junior/your sister
me: 😀
Mr. Whodunit: pls!


5 Responses to How not to solve a problem

  1. Marc says:

    >>I’m pretty conservative as well!

    He even goes to the extent of insulting himself. You have to commend him.

  2. Sundar says:

    I get the feeling I know Mr. Whodunit pretty well. Ah, a lifetime of living through similar excuses.

    Btw, is a good blog. I recommend you read it.

  3. Arun M says:

    You know him! I thought you’d never have met him!

    Hey da.. that blog is nice! Whose is it?

  4. Divya says:

    LOL. How come he knows quite a few ppl in MOP but claims to be conservative and hence won’t meet your sis. Idikidhae 😛

  5. Arun M says:

    ROTFL! Great one!

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