Future of arrested terrorist!

Now now now.. ain’t that cute? But its wrong!

We captured a terrorist live on cam, shooting people, got his confession, got a confession from his dad, got eyewitnesses and all sorts of evidence.Now, after all the poor policemen and NSGs who gave up their life (esp. Tukaram Omble who let the terrorist rip through his body while holding the terrorist’s gun, letting him be captured), we decide to let the Indian Judicial System take care of him (i.e take care of him like a son).

Studies suggest that terrorists tend to live longer in Indian prisons than outside due to state-of-the-art medical facilities, chicken biryani and other amenities.

Do we need to be reminded that IC 814 which was hijacked to let loose Maulana Masood Azhar, who was kept alive and fed with chicken biryani to the brim in spite of being convicted using every inch of his body to do bad?

Why even keep that guy alive and give a chance for the next hijacking to release him? I mean.. the amenities provided by the Indian Judicial System should be restricted to Indians only!

p.s. I had this post titled “Next terror attack: Plane hijacking”, but that would have made Google think I am a terrorist 😀

Update on Apr 29th

Good prediction by me, I should say:


One Response to Future of arrested terrorist!

  1. Marc says:

    The thing is, every criminal has a right to a trial. Only in our great country the judicial system moves at glacial speeds.

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