Phoenix trip

Hi guys! Long since I blogged! I took a break from school and headed to Phoenix for a 4 day trip to meet college friend Aishwarya.

Coming from a less-developed city (Tucson) to a BIG city feels awesome! What makes it more awesome is that is an Indian stronghold. Almost everyone you see here is an Indian (if you like seeing Indians, that is).

Therefore, lot of Indian restaurants, and chat shops. I ate my first chat in 4 months, and ended up eating 6 chats and a mango milkshake for a grand total of 33$ :D, I also ate the same day at Woodlands restaurant, and ate my first dosa in 4 months! wow!

You can check out my photos on flickr

I returned via the (in)famous Greyhound bus service (Inter-state bus). In America, people who are unable to afford a car travel by bus, including the PIGS (Poor Indian Graduate Students :P). This is sometimes unpleasant…

….and this time, I got the worsht of people to sit by my side – First he was OBESE! He took up a third of my seat space, leading me to sit in a totally awkward position – the kind of pose newlyweds give when they are excited about each other, and sit tighly on a chair. Adding to that misery was my choice of movie to watch – Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – It had Chinese Kung Fu masters fly in air better than 747s (I mean it.. they took off and landed smoother, and did it without wheels).

This guy kept boring me with questions like “What purposes to movies serve?”, “Can Chinese really fly?”, “Have you served a draft in the US army?”, “Who did you vote for?”. He asked so many questions that the movie was already past half-way before I saw who the hero was. Luckily, he fell asleep after this round of questioning.

My luck and peace was short-lived as he got up within a few minutes, startled by something. In this state of stupor, he started a new topic:

Fat: “You a Pakistani?” (in a bloody loud voice. The whole bus gave me a look as if I was an alien – imagine 60 people looking at you abnormally)

Me: (Gulp! I was sweating!) (louder than him ) “Nope.. I’m from India”.

Fat: So you not a Pakistani? (This time, the driver heard it and turned around)

Me: (Getting really frantic) Everyone! I’m from India! Hi! Nice being in America

Fat: Oh.. you on a VISA? Welcome to the US.

I just looked out and it said “Welcome to Tucson”. I was relieved like never before, got up from my seat to fetch my bag overhead, and went near the bus door to get down at the first stop in Tucson 😀

Of course, I had to walk 2 miles to get to get a local bus, but ANYTHING was better than sitting next to that fatso!


6 Responses to Phoenix trip

  1. Praveen says:

    Adapavi! One seat is enough for you itself, and that dumbo took a third of your seat…! Comedy po!

  2. Arun M says:

    Yeah da! I don’t know how I managed to squeeze myself into such a small space

  3. Marc says:

    Good think you weren’t Pakistani. You would have been posting from this Guantanamo.

  4. Arun M says:

    Good to see someone got the point 🙂

  5. Arun M says:

    … if they have wifi there 😉

  6. […] I was convinced that this Mexican should be the very reason for the obesity of the fatso in the last trip :P. If anyone had traveled 5 times with this guy, they would be as […]

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