November 23, 2008

I stay with this absolutely smart roomie! He always manages to stump me (Note that you don’t need to be a genius to stump me :P).

Below is a short conversation where he REALLY got me

Me: Macha.. my carrot curry rocks da.. its come out well
Roomie: My carrot sucks da
Me: You have a carrot? Wow!
Roomie: You don’t? Wow!

Phoenix trip

November 18, 2008

Hi guys! Long since I blogged! I took a break from school and headed to Phoenix for a 4 day trip to meet college friend Aishwarya.

Coming from a less-developed city (Tucson) to a BIG city feels awesome! What makes it more awesome is that is an Indian stronghold. Almost everyone you see here is an Indian (if you like seeing Indians, that is).

Therefore, lot of Indian restaurants, and chat shops. I ate my first chat in 4 months, and ended up eating 6 chats and a mango milkshake for a grand total of 33$ :D, I also ate the same day at Woodlands restaurant, and ate my first dosa in 4 months! wow!

You can check out my photos on flickr

I returned via the (in)famous Greyhound bus service (Inter-state bus). In America, people who are unable to afford a car travel by bus, including the PIGS (Poor Indian Graduate Students :P). This is sometimes unpleasant…

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