Historic day

There are 2 kinds of historic days:

The day people such as this were born, and the day people of this kind are born.

Today is the 2nd kind of day, with the 123 Agreement being signed. Boo india! You suck!

I don’t know what to say. India seems to make the biggest mistake in her lifetime, and still manage to exist. Wonder how! God is saving India for sure!

India has made as big mistakes as this auspicious event of September 4th. No joke! 225 Engineering colleges all teaching electrical, computer science, making foreigners think wrong about us. Where is India headed!!?? Oh.. this second mistake as well


7 Responses to Historic day

  1. Marc says:

    A country full of FAIL.

  2. Praveen says:

    Well, my grandpa being a Nuclear Scientist, seemed to be overwhelmed as soon as the deal was finally signed and heaved a sigh of relief… But who knows whats actually inked inside?

  3. srinath says:

    i thought u wer proud to be associated with MNMJEC…..
    n i think the deal s would do a lot good to our country we r facing a major power crisis

  4. Marc says:

    Why would anyone be proud to be associated with an engineering college here?

    Also, we are facing a power shortage due to incompetence of people in charge. Your comments section pretty much destroyed your post. Also, the right spelling is ‘nuclear’.

  5. Arun M says:

    Agreed. Politicians are against the country

    Strange.. can you enlighten us more on this

    I do love MNM because of the fact that they let me do whatever I wanted in college, and thats definitely the best college could give me. I was always doing something in the lab, and never had to attend class. Otherwise, MNM sucked

  6. rajesh says:

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  7. tdsmapper says:


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