Well.. I am certified Anna Univ Computer Science Engineer. That’s for sure!

I am so happy that I didn’t need to write exams such as these anymore!

However, thats only during the day.

During the bloody night, I am just unable to sleep. I constantly get nightmares reminding me of those horrific exams. These days, I get up around 12 and wonder why I am sleeping when I am supposed to be studying! Exams are 3 days away man! My future is at stake! One of these nights, I woke up and started searching for books frantically only to realise that I have given them away to a junior.

For the last 2 weeks or so, I have been on bed 14 hours a day, out of which I have woken up 3-4 times at crazy times! Haven’t even slept well for one day! Crap!

Solutions, anyone?

p.s Didn’t sleep y’day night. Am off to sleep! Yawn!

17 Responses to Nightmares

  1. uleadin says:

    well….er…. did you study 4th unit fully? or did you leave topics? 😀

  2. tdsmapper says:

    Good idea! Lemme go read 4th unit!

    Poda naiye :p

  3. Sathyanarain says:

    My solution.
    When you wake up in the midnight thinking you got to study for the exams, just think, “Shit. Exams are still THREE days away after all!”
    It works for me!

  4. tdsmapper says:

    ROTFL! Good idea! I think I’ll try that out!

  5. Marc says:

    Don’t sleep for three days. On the fourth day you won’t have any trouble going to sleep.

  6. Arun M says:

    Umm… 3 days never dies! This has been going on for 2 weeks!

  7. Sundar says:

    You should follow my routine and go to bed at 3 AM. Then you sleep like a rock and there’s no waking you up till noon.

  8. Selerines says:

    Hahaha good arun.. Same as like me.. 14 hours? WoW!!!

  9. tdsmapper says:

    I am following that! It’s working better! Thanks.. but it affects my early morning jogging schedule 😀

    Yeah man! I am unable to sleep!

  10. Selerines says:

    Don’t worry.. Just for few days.. Then you will be free na…… Too padips da!!

  11. Sundar says:

    Oh yes. Jogging around Kottivakkam ah.

  12. Arun M says:

    Not kottivakkam. On the beach sand. Raja invites me to kotivakkam, but the area is dirty!

  13. Praveen says:

    Try devoting time to playing Online Games! As simple as that. You will be back to your “usual routine” of 6 hrs of sleep per day…

  14. harish says:

    I thought of telling you not to sleep but another guy has recommended that. But for padips such as you, why don’t you take out a book and start studying. Then you can sleep till late afternoon and come play football in the evening.

  15. Arun M says:

    😛 Got to do that


    I am already bandwidth choked without online games

  16. Arun M says:

    Sundar’s solution works well.. Only that I cant jog in the afternoon 🙂

    Thanks Sundar!

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