The link between blog and pant

June 26, 2008

uleadin has this amazing talent of making the most amazing connections. This is one of them:

tdsmapper: dey.. XXX reads ur blog da..
uleadin: tell her to comment or stop reading!
uleadin: thu!
uleadin: it’s like someone peeping into your pants!
uleadin: yuck!
uleadin: tell her to comment!
uleadin: I told (my closest friend) itself to stop reading my blog if she won’t comment!
tdsmapper: ok.. so if someone peeps into yr pants and comments, its fine?
uleadin: no, comment is like a door knock!
tdsmapper: u want a knock on ur pants?
uleadin: I want a ‘door knock’!
tdsmapper: what about the pants?
tdsmapper: are they on the door?
uleadin: if you knock on my door and then come in I will know you’re coming in and behave properly
tdsmapper: explain the pants and the door and the relation
uleadin: I am sitting inside the room trying to mend something within my pants
uleadin: and someone peeps and goes from the outside?
uleadin: rather, if someone knocks oce, I’ll behave with better ettiquette
tdsmapper: so.. u want a person to comemnt and it will be fine
tdsmapper: ok ok..
uleadin: I will write crap because I know who are all my readers da
tdsmapper: explain the pants..
uleadin: as of now all my readers are my close friends only
uleadin: so nothing is secretive da
tdsmapper: they peek into ur pants?
uleadin: [get lost!]
uleadin: [ you and your pant analogy]
tdsmapper: u were the one who mentioned pant
uleadin: [I just told you something for the figure of speech!]
uleadin: [adha vechi ipdi mokkai poduvenu therinjirundha naa sollirkave maattein!]

Oh. and BTW, WordPress login and admin features are SSL secure. Good move WordPress!

Uleadin unblock tdsmapper campaign!

June 17, 2008

Uleadin, founder of SIT Chennai has decided to block me, tdsmapper.

This is a campaign aimed at forcing uleadin to unblock me! He was chatting with Sathyanarain, Ganesh APP and others, but appeared offline to me. After further discreet investigations, it came to my light that uleadin blocked me!

For the past 6 months, uleadin has been “busy” in life, and has given the following reasons for being unable to do anything, including chat:

1. Going to landmark

This is apart from taking his dad there. Apparently he is taking his brother pramodh there everyday. Wonder if its to meet a girl. Pramodh is just for cover, i guess

2. Madras eye

He has has this issue ever since VS‘ brother married. Of course… this has nothing to do with the marriage 😀

3. Uleadin the assassin

Uleadin perhaps works as an undercover agent. After Sathyanarain suggested that u-lead-in sounds pretty much like ass-ass-in, and further more, uleadin read inside out becomes lead-in-u, its all-the-more possible!

4. MBA

Uleadin, like most engineers decided to do move away from engineering and do an MBA for the money. Of course, its no doubt that he wants to impress his girlfriend with the fancy english they teach you at B Schools (Yep! Its English they teach you at B Schools, no more!). I’m sure he would have done better with a BA English and MBA. Hell! Girls don’t seem to find Shakespeare’s verses romantic!

5. Bill Gates

Ok.. Uleadin’s windows crashed. He got me to courier a copy of Windows to him. He picked it up next day (Round June 9th), and hasn’t still installed Windows. Busy man!


June 1, 2008

Well.. I am certified Anna Univ Computer Science Engineer. That’s for sure!

I am so happy that I didn’t need to write exams such as these anymore!

However, thats only during the day.

During the bloody night, I am just unable to sleep. I constantly get nightmares reminding me of those horrific exams. These days, I get up around 12 and wonder why I am sleeping when I am supposed to be studying! Exams are 3 days away man! My future is at stake! One of these nights, I woke up and started searching for books frantically only to realise that I have given them away to a junior.

For the last 2 weeks or so, I have been on bed 14 hours a day, out of which I have woken up 3-4 times at crazy times! Haven’t even slept well for one day! Crap!

Solutions, anyone?

p.s Didn’t sleep y’day night. Am off to sleep! Yawn!