For those who thought PSP can’t code


15 Responses to For those who thought PSP can’t code

  1. Praveen says:

    LOL! That aint me!!!

    By the way, what possibly made you to type such a query, eh?

  2. tdsmapper says:

    you just cleared a complex doubt of mine in Java and MySQL

  3. Praveen says:

    We should be the ones to ask a Pro like you on doubts in these programming stuffs…

  4. tdsmapper says:

    Dude! You worked at Sun Microsystems for 2 years before joining Engg. I just googled and found out!

  5. Praveen says:

    What??? Lol, I am yet to start working at MphasiS, an EDS Company buddy… Well, probably one day in the far future, I might make it to Sun Microsystems… 😛

  6. tdsmapper says:

    You were the only person to make it to MphasiS since you had 2 years experience

  7. Praveen says:

    Two years experienced in what?

  8. Marc says:

    LOL PSP I didn’t know you were this good. Please tell me the secret of your success so that others can also benefit.

  9. Sundar says:

    And the experienced programmer that PSP is, he will confirm that linux on a terminal is unix.

  10. Praveen says:

    Ivan verai. For the past half hour I have been wondering where to paste the AdSense script at WordPress Sidebar script, enna poi good codernu solreengale?

  11. tdsmapper says:


    Yeah! Please do tell me PSP


    No ways.. judging by the mysterious ways he works, he would well be Richard Stallman in disguise

  12. tdsmapper says:


    Thats because you aren’t a web developer. Left to work with MySQL/Java, you will conquer the world!

  13. Praveen says:

    Well, who exactly is this Richard Stallman? I dont even have any idea who he is! :O

  14. Arun M says:

    Well… he’s your junior PSP.. you don’t need to know him!

  15. Marc says:

    He is not important enough for you to know, PSP.

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