Ok.. my computer dont start 5 days back. I call the HCL guy (my comp’s branded, and under warranty) and assure him thats its the SMPS thats crappy.

Alright, this guy arrives 3 days late. I’m not at home. People show him the way to my computer. He does something. Voila! It works. People thank him and see him off.

I come home, notice the new SMPS. I also notice that my comp. is lot slower. Well.. 2.4GHz HT pentium 4.. can’t be slow for my needs. My hard disk is pretty over-used. It might die in a few months maybe. I never shut down/restart my comp after that, and have been so busy that I didn’t even switch on my cell phone for days.

I restart it tonight (dont ask me what I was doing at 1AM). I see the words “Celeron D” during POST. Wait!!! What the hell is that? I go into windows, download the Intel Processor Identification Tool, and confirm my worst fears. That HCL service guy has stolen my pentium 4 prescott 2.4 GHz HT Processor and replaced it with a Celeron 2.4

That guy didn’t give a service report. I’m entering his shop and slapping the manager! I can’t take any legal action, I suppose. If I had any official record, I would sue him for a few lakhs!

People please don’t buy from HCL after this – especially the Microbase Systems in Adyar. They are terrible frauds! They have already made several such mistakes with my system. We even called the HCL area manager and blasted him. Next day, we had the entire Microbase systems people at our house, cringing to our needs. (They had sold me a 2nd hand RAM chip when I bought my computer. I found that out)


16 Responses to HCL = THIEVES!

  1. Marc says:

    I have respect for Shiv Nadar. These guys must a franchise using the name of HCL but providing shoddy customer service.

  2. Arun M says:

    Hmmm.. Yes.. you are right. The Adyar HCL Microbase fellows are total frauds!

  3. George says:

    How did you let him get away without giving a service report? How does anyone let anyone touch their stuff without giving a receipt? I don’t understand how this could’ve happened. Did they return the processor?

    Good job, give it to them good. The thing is, you can get nothing done in this country without a little yelling and a lot of pressure. Make them feel the pain.

  4. Sathyanarain says:

    Thats pretty bad.
    We go for branded computers instead of assembled ones for the quality and see what happens!
    Why dont you shoot off a mail to some HCL bigshot, maybe Shiv Nadar himself?

  5. Marc says:

    Yeah dude. shiv.nadar@gmail.com

    Or maybe send him a scrap in Orkut.

  6. Sundar says:

    Ah, Celeron. It reminds me of my old comp. Wow. To run winamp simultaneously with IE 5 was blasphemy.

    Right.. I believe you are right.. You should go and slap that guy. And next time make sure you’re at home.

  7. msnarain says:

    @ Marc,
    Is he in orkut?
    What is he doing there? lol!

  8. Arun M says:

    Got a new motherboard as compensation. Going to ask for a new HDD as well 🙂

    :p I couldn’t run counter strike

    Yeah! Nothing can be done without yellng or pressure!


    Chatting with PSP, I suppose

  9. msnarain says:

    PSP! lol!
    Abdiye, try getting me a 1 GB ram da.
    unakku punniyama pogum! 😉

  10. Praveen says:

    Ballz! I am NOT the owner of Orkut to know which all celebs are using Orkut. I am just like any other user who uses Orkut to make friends and hang out… After all, I login to Orkut quite rarely these days…

  11. Arun M says:

    Nonsense… you deserve to be jailed for your activities on orkut

  12. Arun M says:

    I dont know if you login rarely.. you are on my banned list anyways

  13. msnarain says:

    @ Arun,
    I am the culprit! I told PSP today in chat about we abusing him in our blog posts and comments and gave him all the links.

    Anyway, it is more interesting now! Sorry about that PSP!

  14. Arun M says:


    Awesome job dude! I love screwing PSP anyday!

  15. Sundar says:

    Arun M loves screwing PS Praveen Kumar. That’s news indeed.

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