Men inside my what?????

A friend: I had 12 testis before. Now its become 8 since prasad and 3 more left.
not only tht da
find another guy called raja in my testis.. he’s been there for 4 years
Me: Man.. you have huge testis. And coloured ones with smileys too!
    And one of your testis was scribbled by PS Praveen kumar!

17 Responses to Men inside my what?????

  1. tdsmapper says:

    😀 Sorry man.. i read it literally without realising it was an orkut term!

  2. Marc says:

    You edited and made it even worse now!

  3. Prashanth says:

    too good da!!
    but try to post something for the family audience sometime too!

  4. tdsmapper says:


    What do u mean family audience? My friend is describing his orkut profile. Orkut aint banned in families, is it?

  5. Sundar says:

    Um, this sort of thing has happened before.

  6. Arun M says:

    Yeah.. freaking orkutters!

  7. George says:

    Oh yes, Marc has that screenshot of someone exclaiming at how big his testes were.

  8. Marc says:

    Testis! Not testes.

  9. msnarain says:

    He he.. And I remember this… Praveen sent a friends request to a first year girl in college(now thats what he does always!) and this is what happened…

    Praveen: Hi. I am Praveen, a third yr student in ur college.
    Girl: Is your name really Praveen?
    Praveen: Of Course! If you dont believe, have a look at my testis!
    Girl: $@#*&

  10. Arun M says:

    :p Thanks for abusing PSP. I love kicking PSP’s but!

  11. Praveen says:

    What the hell was that Sathya? I ALWAYS PUT MY NAME IN THE LAST PART OF THE CAPTION!!!

    I am dead sure, it never happened… Off to hell with your negative creativity!

  12. Arun M says:


    You’d do anything to please a girl.. BTW, narain’s talking about a chat. Where’s the caption coming???

  13. msnarain says:

    @ PSP,
    I am sorry, but everybody here likes my negative creativity. 😛

  14. Arun M says:

    Yeah! We love it PSP!

  15. Sundar says:

    Arun M loves PSP. The plot thickens.

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