F***ing Anna Buildings

January 27, 2008

Ok.. Anna Buildings was never a great place to learn. But this 7thsemester exam evaluation stinks more than bull shit. I have dropped by 14% from my previous semester. This isn’t even remotely funny. I can imagine all the HR guys asking me what went wrong this sem.

10% of my class has failed in “Total Quality Management”, which is the one of the most bullshit subjects ever.

The only thing funny is that a Mr. A. Raja Deepak finally beat me in a semester!

 p.s. Guys sorry for not commenting on your blogs this month. Run out of bandwidth. Gonna cost me Rs. 600/- more this month! 

Australia loses.. so what?

January 19, 2008

Now.. why is India going crazy over the win?? Looks so stupid. People can’t see this is a clever plan by the Australians to make Indians forget all the bad times they had here. Indian people are found hi-fi-ing each other at every street corner, rejoicing, hugging each other and even bursting crackers.

Did you guys forget bhaji was accused of.. what was it? racial abuse? Did you forget how the umpire made worse decisions than a guy with no eyes? Now, all ponting has to do is hug pathan onstage and congratulate the Indian team for such an unbelievable performance and say stuff like “India is the only team to beat Aussies in the last 50 tests or whatever and throw some statistics”.

As they always say, statistics are like bikinis – they show a lot, but not the most essential things.

Men inside my what?????

January 6, 2008
A friend: I had 12 testis before. Now its become 8 since prasad and 3 more left.
not only tht da
find another guy called raja in my testis.. he’s been there for 4 years
Me: Man.. you have huge testis. And coloured ones with smileys too!
    And one of your testis was scribbled by PS Praveen kumar!

Only Raja Deepak can

January 2, 2008
  1. Run his “Ferrari” TVS XL super on diesel and use parachute oil for the engine (Raja is pure vegetarian, you see).
  2. Crash a Honda City onto a Mercedes S class while reversing, but managing to make a certain “3rd party” pay for it.
  3. Make people reply to his forwards to the tune of

    “Raja: Turtles have no arses.
    XXX: Then how do they shit?”
    (Any resemblance to actual life characters is not intentional and is regretted)

  4. Make a certain arse hole pay Rs. 20 per day (on average) for him at Adyar Anandha Bhavan while he just stands with him and gorges alu-tokari chat and channa bhatura.
  5. Walk into an interview with the sole aim of getting rejected (Sundar as well, for the fact).
  6. Love a girl to eternity, do everything for her, but end up spilling pani puri over her, dipping his hair into her plate while tasting her, and talk paramelodies while romancing her.
  7. Go to a debugging contest, and give me such an amazing solution which I still reel over and wonder his brain thought of it.

    Give a O(n) solution to print:
    Raja’s solution:
    printf(“*\n **\n ***\n”);
    FYI, I lost 10k because I didn’t listen to him. I came 4th because of missing out on this

  8. Have both a girlfriend and a boyfriend. (He spends more time with the boyfriend, of course). The girl is just for social status.
  9. Come with Rs. 5/- to college everyday, but manage to pay for his GF’s car petrol, and own 3 cars himself (seriously!).
  10. Take the GRE test only to show that he can do better than a certain girl in college.