New year?? What for??

me: I dont know why people wish each other on this unauspicious day..nobody was born today. Anyways, for the sake of wishing, I wish u a happy new year!

 Vidya: same to you
6:00 PM but as you said, there’s no point..
 me: yeah..
  i know..
  who died or lived this day?
  nobody i know of..
 Vidya: what if our ancestors had thought of the calendar a day later?
 me: yeah..
  made no difference
 Vidya: everything is relative
 me: how does tomorrow change the world?
6:01 PM Vidya: er…it does
  more money is wasted
 me: why do u celebrate today for something that will make no difference 24 hours later?
  and more accidents.
  new year is a farce
 Vidya: i’d rather say, sad old year
 me: so, for nothing, at midnight, people celebrate
  for something just a minute ahead?
  with no significane..
  and employers lose 1 day..
 Vidya: and that too there are lot of assumptions
 me: what a waste
6:02 PM yeah..
 Vidya: the time diff b/w gujarat and assam is 2 hrs
 me: ok..
 Vidya: besides how precise are our clocks?
 me: yeah..
6:03 PM any news of the photon job da?
 Vidya: nope man
  will let you know
 me: 😦
 Vidya: lets see if the new year brings you any luck 😛
6:04 PM me: why would jan 1st bring any luck?
 Vidya: it doesn’t
  it would if it was supposed to
 me: is it some kind of finish-off-the-old-tasks day?
6:05 PM i am surprised what difference being happy about tomoro makes da..
 Vidya: it tells you you’re back to square one
 me: yeah!

3 Responses to New year?? What for??

  1. Sundar says:

    Yeah. Temporal anomaly in the space time continuum.

  2. George says:

    I have a New Year’s Day. It’s on the 28th of January. That way I’m really celebrating a New Year, for me atleast.

  3. grimdeath18 says:

    Yup there is no point to it all.

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