Orkut thathuvams

Someone has too much time on their hands



8 Responses to Orkut thathuvams

  1. Sundar says:

    There is this game on orkut where people regularly quote their daily fortunes and append it with the term “in bed”. So, we end up having really funny fortunes like “You will make a wise career decision in bed”.

  2. Marc says:

    Adding ‘in bed’ does make it funny. Nice!

  3. Arun M says:

    Yeah ! I once got “You will meet your life partner today” (in bed)

    Didn’t happen.. I only met Bruno in bed that day !

  4. Sundar says:

    Well, this is 2007. Give Bruno a long hard thought.

  5. Marc says:

    I knew someone would say that.

  6. Sundar says:

    There’s no point knowing. It’s the doing that matters. Arun M, just do it!?!

  7. You know who i am says:


    hell, if this were in the US you would be sued now for a F*&%&# half a million dollars….. prolly even get u thrown in a maximum security prison you know LOLZ [:D]

    Sundar is right… its a game… and its fun you know!

  8. Arun M says:

    @You know blah blah
    LOL! I thought you read my blog and knew it all along!

    Yeah! Its fun! 😛

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