Raja Deepak and IITs

 Excerpt of a chat between me and an IIT-ian..

history was made today !

thank Raja Deepak

 Rajeshwari: what??

2:21 PM me: Raja Deepak is responsible for the disruption of space-time continuum !


  see 2 posts below

 Rajeshwari: who is this raja deepak??

 me: the most influential person in my college..

2:22 PM God of Algorithms !

 Rajeshwari: oh. . ok

2:23 PM me: he cracked a master algorithm in 20 secs..

  if i had listened, i would have won 10 K !!!!

  i dint listen.. lost it !

2:24 PM Rajeshwari: ha ha. . what algo?

 me: well..

  a O(n) algo..

  so complex i dont remember the question..

2:25 PM was way too much for me


 Rajeshwari: worst! plainly put. . u din listen 😉

 me: yeah..


2:26 PM it was too much 4 me..

  he read CLR in a week !


2:27 PM Rajeshwari: whoah!! tell him 2 try for a job in google. A similar algo god got a job in google california while he has jus finished 1st yr!!

  god knows how such jeevans r made!!

 me: seriously..

  even we are surprised 


8 Responses to Raja Deepak and IITs

  1. Marc says:

    Google? It’s nothing for someone like Raja Deepak.

  2. Arun M says:

    Yeah ! Larry Page or Sergey Brin aren’t enough.. Raja needs bigger customers.. i mean employers

  3. Arun M says:


    Dude.. seems that Raja Deepak is just too humble to comment on this post.. its alrite Raja.. you can come out with the truth

  4. Vamsee says:

    I hope i get an oppertunity see such brainy and congratulate him

  5. tdsmapper says:


    He wont accept congratulations.. a humble man, indeed!

  6. Praveen says:

    Raja with Google??? No way! He’d rather work at Gaygle…

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