Avalanche 2007

Avalanche 2007, the Annual Symposium was conducted by the CSE dept of my college 0n 28th September.

It was quite well organised, and I believe all events went on like a charm. Debugging prelims was nearly perfect. There was only a minor mistake in one question in Level 3 (Debugging was computer-adaptive).

Finals turned out to be just too ambitious. It was a programming round. Out of 4 questions, 3 were programming contest style involving Brute force and Complete search.  The last one was simple.

I had built a simple Online-Judge, and required contestants to copy-paste their code into it. The OJ ran on GCC/G++. However, it seems none of the participants were used to GCC and were reporting compile errors for <conio.h>, clrscr() and a host of non-standard functions such is islower() or whatever.

At this point, I decided to strip the contest down – Get it running on your machine. I still didn’t work. I stripped it down to the rock bottom, telling them to get the output of the sample input given :p.

Ultimately, we had a winner (fortunately) and a runner-up (phew)..

Finally, I had to deliver the vote of thanks, and I believe I did a reasonable job by not messing up.

Overall, I’m sure Avalanche was one of the better symposiums around.

Wat says guys ?

5 Responses to Avalanche 2007

  1. Sundar says:

    Yeah I agree… A lot of events were better than a few other colleges… The only funny thing was the treasure hunt where the participants came and started rummaging onstage while another event was going on at the same time, leading to a lot of funny complications.

  2. Marc says:

    That was hilarious.

    I was expecting you to damage Raja Deepak in the vote of thanks and was disappointed when you didn’t.

  3. Rathish says:

    Ya Arun… Avalanche was great success and we had lot of participants this time.. The highlight of Avalanche 07 was ur debugging event and the software u created.. hats off to u.. Finally vote of thanks was very nice..

  4. r3m3dy says:

    Avalanche was a great hit.. The debuggin event and Gaming event rocked!

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