SUCKING yahoo mail !

My Yahoo is sending emails with viruses to people…

Yahoo mail sucks 2

Perhaps yahoo mail developed has brain of its own ?

5 Responses to SUCKING yahoo mail !

  1. Marc says:

    Could be a browser infection but then you’re probably using Firefox on Linux. Then your Yahoo account must be infected or something.

  2. tdsmapper says:

    Yeah… looks like my yahoo account is indeed infected !

    and yes.. its Firefox on Linux..

  3. tdsmapper says:

    and da, at that time , I was in bangalore, enjoying my college tour.. so no chance of browser infection !

  4. Vamsee says:

    yahoo mail did not develop its brain.But the fellow who has infected your system has made it done

  5. George says:

    That’s strange, but interesting. Some time ago, someone managed to send an email in my name. Weird.

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