Yahoo mail sucks !

I’ve been noticing that Yahoo delivers mail as late as 2 weeks.

Not only group mail, but also all sorts of personal mail. Take a look at this horrible  screenshot ! Pathetic !

Yahoo mail

12 Responses to Yahoo mail sucks !

  1. Marc says:

    Everyone knows it sucks but people like Vinod still insist on using it.

    The worst part of Yahoo mail is ads INSIDE the email!

  2. Arun M says:

    Yes ! Ads INSIDE the mail !

    That causes a problem when I want to mail some important person and he gets pissed off with the ads !

  3. Marc says:

    Gmail also ends up displaying the ads in the email preview instead of the message. Why do people use Yahoo mail?

  4. George says:

    Dude, not sensible thing, using Yahoo Mail. Very slow and overall useless.

  5. Arun M says:

    yeah.. it seriously is slow..

    thanks for the comment !

  6. tdsmapper says:

    thanks 4 the comment

  7. Praveen says:

    Its not delivered late buddy, its been moderated late by that group owner!

  8. Arun Madh says:

    Thats my class group and it doesnt have moderation!

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