Artificial Intelligence !

Well.. this is one of the most dreaded subjects in the history of Anna University exams. However, the paper was rather easy. I would just like to show some of the minor corrections I made to the real world so that some theories on AI would still hold :p

Well.. In one of the questions, I had to develop an algorithm for coloring the states in a map. No two adjacent states should have the same color, and the possible colours are {Red, Green, Blue}.

I chose the map of South India. BIGGGG mistake. TN, Kerala, AP, Karnataka all touch the other. Nothing could be done at all with 3 colors. I needed 4.. d-uh !

My Ingenious solution:

South India

Well… There was another question asking about the PEAS (Performance expected, Environment,  Actuators (tools), Sensors) description of an online English tutor system.

My solution:

Performance expected: Maximise students score

Environment (worst expected working conditions): Raja Deepak’s system, Prashanth’s Internet connection, Windows.

Actuators (correction tools available to tutor): Spell check (System hangs for Raja Deepak’s essays).

Sensors: umm… Spy cam


10 Responses to Artificial Intelligence !

  1. Praveen says:

    nice work man! Btw, when did UP come down dude? After the recent elections, eh? :p

  2. Arun M says:

    LOL… after the elections.. Possible ! U never know what happens in India

  3. Marc says:

    Just hope that the examiner isn’t a true blood Tamilian or he might flunk you for reducing our state’s total land area.

  4. Arun M says:


    Would you reduce my marks if you were my examiner ?

  5. Marc says:

    Definitely even though I’m not a fanatic. That doesn’t even look like South India.

  6. George says:

    I’d mark you down for having marked that part as ‘up’ when it is obviously ‘left’.

  7. Arun M says:

    @George !!


    lol.. good one !

  8. Sundar says:

    Haha… awesome work da…
    I loved the environment the most…. Raja Deepak’s system, prashanth’s net…

    and the spell check and the spy cam too…

    the wumpus is dead!!

  9. Arun M says:

    @Sundar !

    “The wumpus is dead” => Ha Ha !!! You rock !

    I only hope this doesnt put the examiner in a bad mood !

  10. George says:

    Ahh, I had to look up the reference. Nice!

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