Well.. the word “Frank” seems to be misinterpreted in Anna University colleges, in addition to “Propose” as suggested by Sundar and Marc.

Its not my tendency to rant about people at all ! However, over the last 1 week, a couple of people have been freaking me out so much that I’d rather do this..

Look at this interesting conversation between a newly found friend (at the beach.. henceforth referred to as Beach)

Beach: Arun.. please give me a good system config to purchase.

Arun: Long winded discussion…

B: Ok bye..

After 4 days:

Beach: Arun.. my system is hanging when i start XYZ.

Arun: You bought your new system !! You never told me !

B: Oh.. yes I didn’t tell you

A: Stunned at the impoliteness of the person. However, Speaks for an hour and fixes problem.

B: Ok bye..

After a week:

Beach: Hi Arun.

Arun: Hi… what help do you need now ?

B: Write a program to generate the Pascal’s triangle.

A: Hey.. how come you dont bother to thank me after I help you out. You’re so damn impolite and you keep coming back for more help !

B: Yes.. that’s my habit. I dont thank people.

A: No sense of politeness and manners?

B: No.. Im a very FRANK person, you see !

Another stupid incident

Let’s call this person “NH”.

NH:  Hey Arun.. that was nice of you dude ! thank you for writing a testimonial.

A: (Phew.. some manners at last). Sure dude ! Hey.. write one for me, will ya !

NH: Sorry da. I dont write testimonials on request.

A: Umm.. isn’t it a sign of good friendship ? Im not asking you to swim the pacific, am I ?

NH: No… Im a “FRANK”character. Sorry.

Frank… ummm… rashness, impoliteness and having no human character seems to be the supposed meaning of “Frank”

11 Responses to “Frank”enstein

  1. Marc says:

    Indians and English are not a good combination.

  2. Raja says:

    Obviously NH and B arent FRANK enough to be polite i guess…

  3. Arun M says:




    Ummm.. they’re “Frank”.. thats it ! They think frankness means brutality !

  4. Vasan Keerthi says:

    Take it easy !
    that is all i can say………….

  5. Arun M says:

    Of course dude.. not tension and all da.. just wondering how stupid people get

  6. Anir says:

    I’m rather Frank myself, but these jokers arent frank, they’re plain uncultured.

    And Arunda… arent you gettin overly sensitive?

  7. Arun M says:

    Ummm.. oversensitive.. not really da.. Im not really cared about such idiots nowadays. I just push them aside and get on with life

  8. Sundar says:

    Frankly, Funny buggers…

    Frankly, You should have been frank and asked back if they frankly knew the meaning of the word frank.

    Frankly, Nice title..

    Yours frankly


    I have said “Frankly” so often now I have lost the sense of its meaning. Poe talks about a similar thing happening to him in one of his stories… I think it was the pit and the pendulum. But the question to be asked here is did poe write pit and the pendulum? Sorry about the rant da Arun.


  9. Arun M says:


    very frank comment buddy – you’ve circled the Earth to make your point (Umm.. I too sense of its meaning dude !)

  10. George says:

    Frankly, there is no meaning without cow. The next time they say they’re frank, say, “I’m Joe! And I have a raging clue.”

  11. Arun M says:

    @George !

    Ha Ha ! I’ll do that the next time ! good one !

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