Can or foot ?

Ummm.. I tried inverting the bubble top can on the base/stand/wateva ! Unfortunately, I dropped the 30 litre can on my left foot from a height of 3-4 feet. Scroll down to see what happened

Can on foot

The freaking can cracked !!! Man.. what are these dumb things made of ??


7 Responses to Can or foot ?

  1. Sundar says:

    man, what is your dumb leg made of?

  2. Anir says:

    Dude… this is expected.. nothing surprising, considering that it fell on YOUR leg..

  3. tdsmapper says:


    Dunno da.. rumours are that I swallowed a 6-inch iron rod when I was 10. I suppose that went down to my foot.

  4. Anir says:

    hehehe, there are better places for it to go to.. where it can be put to better use 😉

  5. Sundar says:

    I ditto Anir… Lotsa ppl would like some of their body parts to be made of iron…


  6. Raja Deepak says:

    gud one da. btw if i get any nonsense calls, i tell thm to go stuf it

  7. tdsmapper says:

    @Raja Deepak

    Boy oh boy ! this is the wrong freaking post sucker ! This is the previous post !

    You are one guy who manages to get bodhai without drinking or taking dope

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