Principles of Compiler Design preparation !

May 21, 2007

Well.. everyone was sitting 16 hours a day, reading for this exam.. and I got up late at 11, bathed, ate at 12:30 and then, studied PCD till……


In between GTA3 missions, I played hell lot of Quake 3, recording something like 150 frags at the end of the day.

Of course, Bruno was there too, with me and I spent a lot of time with him.

So.. that is my PCD preparation ! I did my exam well, surprisingly !

Artificial Intelligence !

May 18, 2007

Well.. this is one of the most dreaded subjects in the history of Anna University exams. However, the paper was rather easy. I would just like to show some of the minor corrections I made to the real world so that some theories on AI would still hold :p

Well.. In one of the questions, I had to develop an algorithm for coloring the states in a map. No two adjacent states should have the same color, and the possible colours are {Red, Green, Blue}.

I chose the map of South India. BIGGGG mistake. TN, Kerala, AP, Karnataka all touch the other. Nothing could be done at all with 3 colors. I needed 4.. d-uh !

My Ingenious solution:

South India

Well… There was another question asking about the PEAS (Performance expected, Environment,  Actuators (tools), Sensors) description of an online English tutor system.

My solution:

Performance expected: Maximise students score

Environment (worst expected working conditions): Raja Deepak’s system, Prashanth’s Internet connection, Windows.

Actuators (correction tools available to tutor): Spell check (System hangs for Raja Deepak’s essays).

Sensors: umm… Spy cam


May 15, 2007

Well.. the word “Frank” seems to be misinterpreted in Anna University colleges, in addition to “Propose” as suggested by Sundar and Marc.

Its not my tendency to rant about people at all ! However, over the last 1 week, a couple of people have been freaking me out so much that I’d rather do this..

Look at this interesting conversation between a newly found friend (at the beach.. henceforth referred to as Beach)

Beach: Arun.. please give me a good system config to purchase.

Arun: Long winded discussion…

B: Ok bye..

After 4 days:

Beach: Arun.. my system is hanging when i start XYZ.

Arun: You bought your new system !! You never told me !

B: Oh.. yes I didn’t tell you

A: Stunned at the impoliteness of the person. However, Speaks for an hour and fixes problem.

B: Ok bye..

After a week:

Beach: Hi Arun.

Arun: Hi… what help do you need now ?

B: Write a program to generate the Pascal’s triangle.

A: Hey.. how come you dont bother to thank me after I help you out. You’re so damn impolite and you keep coming back for more help !

B: Yes.. that’s my habit. I dont thank people.

A: No sense of politeness and manners?

B: No.. Im a very FRANK person, you see !

Another stupid incident

Let’s call this person “NH”.

NH:  Hey Arun.. that was nice of you dude ! thank you for writing a testimonial.

A: (Phew.. some manners at last). Sure dude ! Hey.. write one for me, will ya !

NH: Sorry da. I dont write testimonials on request.

A: Umm.. isn’t it a sign of good friendship ? Im not asking you to swim the pacific, am I ?

NH: No… Im a “FRANK”character. Sorry.

Frank… ummm… rashness, impoliteness and having no human character seems to be the supposed meaning of “Frank”

Mystery calls !

May 8, 2007

Well well well.. what do you do when you are sleeping and you get a call late night. Ummm.. I pick it up.

The person at the other end spoke in a very decent manner. He apologised for the late night call and told me it was about my job. For a second, I thought it was somebody from Infosys (I got placed there this February). He then told me that I needed to attend a meeting to secure the job. Ummm.. never heard of Infosys doing this before. He told me that the meeting was at Vani Mahal, T.Nagar. I asked him what the meeting was about. He then told me that it was about some online earning crap. (Tons of these crop up these days like that freaky MGinger or wateva!) I asked him which company he represented. He told me that explicit details would be provided at the meet point. I politely refused saying that it was exam time and I would not come. I asked him how he had got my number. He told me that Mr. Rakesh of Final year had passed on my number. I know this Rakesh guy. I called him up and told him that someone was mis-using his name. Rakesh was pretty irritated at that. I told the mystery caller to call back on May 31st. He asked if I had any preferred contact time. I told him to call at 2 AM (lol… Im gonna have fun tat day !)

Well.. if any of you wanna have fun with this character, please call him up at 9884443057.

Im seriously gonna call up this guy when I need entertainment… Im gonna drive him mad ! LOL.. Am I gonna have fun !

The second freaking call was obvious. It was about the same online money making racket. He was lame in making an impression on me. I just asked “How did u get my number?” He told me he got it from orkut ! Damn it ! I had set “Visible to all” against my phone number. Every Jack and Jill could see my number. I set it to “Friends of friends”.. thats better !

The third freaking call used to come from HDFC bank on my new land line. First 2 calls, I told him I was a non-earning student. That didn’t seem to enter his head. The third call I told him – “You be my Guardian and invest for me. One day I will go to America. That day I will repay you.” It was only then he realised that I am a student and let go of me.  Phew !

These idiotic people… This money making business is real crap !

Can or foot ?

May 6, 2007

Ummm.. I tried inverting the bubble top can on the base/stand/wateva ! Unfortunately, I dropped the 30 litre can on my left foot from a height of 3-4 feet. Scroll down to see what happened

Can on foot

The freaking can cracked !!! Man.. what are these dumb things made of ??