REC culturals !

Well well well… I went to REC College, yesterday for their culturals. I wanted to participate in the Classical solo event.

I boarded the REC bus at 7:00 am at Thiruvanmiyur RTO. The bus was pretty nice, comfortable, but was a very bumpy one. The bus route was pretty interesting. ECR-> LB Road -> Indira Nagar -> LB Road -> Bessie -> LB Road -> Sardar Patel road -> Kottur -> Sardar Patel road and on to Kathipara and Poonamallee bypass.

A nice guy called Chowdary sat next to me, and showed me some interesting landmarks enroute like the AWESOME Chennai bypass road. The Bangalore highway was awesome as well, though there was quite a bit of traffic.

Bangalore Highway

We reached REC at 8:25. A stern looking, fat and authoritative guy demanded to see our ID cards. Those without ID cards were shown the direction to the Main road. I dunno why a college needs so much security.

The college was beautiful. I took this snap of it.

REC College Main block

The whole damn thing was disorganised. Nobody knew who the event coordinators were, and best of all – nobody was there at the Reg. desk. Then, someone realised that and told a few girls to sit there. However, the people there were extremely hospitable and patient, treating their guests very well. The gaming staff especially, were extremely considerate about the participants. These people are good hosts.. only need a little more organising ability.

In the classical solo event, I sang my favourite “Parvathy Nayakane charanam”, making a couple of mistakes and narrowing down my chances of winning. Then, I went on to play Quake 3.. I won the 1st round 30-17-15-10-5-4 and finals 30-7. Got 500 bucks for that 🙂

I came out of REC at 2:00 pm and headed for… you guess where ! Kanchipuram….

Kanchipuram – The land of Temples !

Kanchi was one hell of a place. I reached there by 3:25 pm (Kanchi buses are not very frequent). I got down from the bus stand, fixed an auto to visit the 4 main temples – Kailashanathar temple (Sandstone), Ekambaranathar (Huge), Kamatchi Amman, and Varadaraja Perumal temple.

Kailashanathar Temple was like a dream. Sandstone.. scratch it hard, and you see it wearing out. There was a guide, who was rather happy to see an Indian come there. He showed me some nice parts of the temple, and explained the history of the temple.

Some good shots:

Kailashanathar temple Gopuram     Kailashanathar temple - inner wall

The most awesome thing was the special pradarshanam. I had to fit my 6’4″ frame inside the hole shown below, go around the sanctum, and come out of a 1.5 foot high passage at the bottom of the wall. The passage turned right after 1 foot of going in. I managed to huff and pant my way out.

Special pradarshanam

(I fit in that hole !)

Then, I went on to visit the Ekambaranathar temple. It had me overwhelmed by it’s sheer size.

Ekambara nathar gopuram

I went on to visit the beautiful Kamatchi Amman temple !

Kamatchi Amman Gopuram

I went finally to Varadaraja Perumal Temple. A priest there took a liking to me, and told me he would come with me to show me the entire temple. I initially thought this was a way for him to earn some money, but that thought changed later.

He first showed me the 1000 feet Mandapam.

1000 Feet mandapam Art work on the pillars of 1000 feet mandapam Art work on the pillars of 1000 feet mandapam

He showed me the tank where the original wooden statue of Perumal is immersed. The statue is taken out once every 40 years and a 48-day festival is held.

Varadaraja perumal tank

He then took me to a quick Darshan of the Lord, and winded things up. He walked with me upto the temple exit, and told me that it was his duty and pleasure to tell me all this. He then bade me farewell !!! I stopped him and offered him some money.

Well.. I then left, had some idlis and coffee at a famous hotel and boarded a bus to Chennai at 6:00. I reached Chennai by around 7:45 and home by 9:00.

In all, a great day !!!!

9 Responses to REC culturals !

  1. Sundar says:

    You seem to have had a great day… I could have come with you.. the temples all seem great places to see…

    REC bus route was funny.


  2. Marc says:

    You really should have taken Indar along with you and pushed him into the tank to take underwater photos of the Ganesha idol.

  3. tdsmapper says:


    Yes.. the Temples were awesome.. definitely worth visiting !


    Lol.. good one ! I should have done that..

  4. Raja says:

    yo… u had a damn cool day.. full round up.. i prob shud hav come.. anyways keep rockin .. gud post..

  5. Praveen says:

    Well, you seem to have really a jolly good time, eh? Congratz on winning Quake buddy! Do lemme know when you go for any more culturals this semester…

  6. Praveen says:

    Well, you seem to have really a jolly good time, eh? Congratz on winning Quake buddy! Do lemme know when you go for any more culturals this semester… Have a humorous APRIL FOOLS DAY! Chao!

  7. LVS says:

    Hmmm…I thought it was just another culturals/symposium post!!
    good…you seem to have had fun!

    what was the purpose of that hole?! did you check no one flicked your wallet then? 😛

  8. tdsmapper says:


    Thank u !


    Lol… It was really a jolly time ! BTW, no more culturals/sympos this sem.. All over !


    Nope.. my purse is still there, with all the cash !

    That hole is the representation of life and death. If you can make it through, it means your life is in your hands. If you cannot, your life is not… It is said that even the fattest of people can make it through if they have the will and ability to control their lives

  9. Anir says:

    Dude, wheres the next blog? 😛

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