Jerusalem College CSE symposium

Well.. I had this great opportunity to go to Jerusalem Engineering college at the behest of One Mr. Raja Deepak. He invited me because it happens to be the place where his life-time partner is currently pursuing his Engineering degree.

And so, Prasanth and I started off to this wonderful place, driving on the 200 feet road, wearing out my bike’s suspension. We reached there in a matter of about 20 minutes. The bike parking was a nice, shady place.

Once we got down from our bikes, we went to a small shamiyana enclosure. It happened to be the main registration desk. I managed to get my ID card after a bit of struggle, since I did not have my College ID. After getting my Sympo ID card, Prasanth and I went on to register for every event imaginable, including some mixed masala, paper presentation and 5-6 more.

One thing that struck us was that nobody at the Reg. desk knew a thing ! When I asked them which were the games for gaming , they replied “Video Games sir”.. Well.. I dont suppose you play anything other than video games in symposiums, do you ? They also gave a wonderful explanation about “Mixed masala”. They claimed it was an event where you were asked questions and you had to reply.. well.. then what’s a quiz for ? And did I mention about one of them being confused about where their college auditorium is ? One girl promptly told me “Take a left, go straight, go thru’ the parking area, and ask someone there. I am not sure where it is !”

The first thing that struck us was that every event took place between 10:00 and 12:00. Well.. we want to attend 4 events, all between 10 and 12 ? Seems fair..

Prasanth and I went on to attend a good quiz, for which we did not qualify; a pathetic debugging, with pathetic questions, for which we again did not qualify and finally, a most useless mixed masala event, for which we did not qualify either.

We did manage to get into the finals of “Windows Explorer”, in which a Windows 2000 OS  was screwed up by ravingly mad person, who removed the clock, screwed up the file ordering, put up a flash file covering the whole desktop  et al. We were given the task of restoring the system, single handed. None of us managed to do it. Guess no OS is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool 🙂

Oh.. and coming to gaming, I reached the place last, around 11:30, and wanted to play Unreal Tournament. I was shooed off since the event was already over (?) I was told that I should have come by 11:00 and registered. I told them politely that nobody at the registration desk mentioned a separate registration was required for gaming; that we did not register for quiz or debugging and we presumed it would be the same for gaming. This guy got kind of scared, called the gaming boss, a stout and unshaven fellow. He just told me “No chance da. Your fault. You should have registered”.. I told him that the event was to be held upto 12, and nobody at the registration desk knew a thing about a separate registration for gaming. He told me that it was my fault that I did not come and enquire about gaming. Nutcases, with no politeness. Well.. poorly organised. The UT game got over by 11, and I couldnt have attended, unless I ditched debugging or quiz.

Further, the first guy I talked to gathered some courage, and told me to leave, very impolitely.  At this juncture, Anand and Co. called me to play Counter-Strike as their 4th team mate. I initially rejected, telling them it was stupid to play in such a dumb college. But then, I decided to go ahead for their sake. We lost miserably.. The other team was a well-organised clan, which plays regularly at Zap.

After the UT incident, I was really angry at the college, and wanted to leave. Just then, I was informed by Prasanth that i had qualified for the finals of Windows Explorer. At the suggestions of my classmates, I decided to stay back and compete. There was no winner in this event, and I suppose the event organiser got richer by 2K at the end of the day.

The only pleasant thing was meeting my friend Hariharan there. The symposium sucked big time, being totally disorganised, with the Reg. desk having no idea that some events required another registration at the event hall, and that there were extra events. The manners of students conducting the symposium, especially gaming was very, very unruly.

In all, a nice Jerusalem college, with pathetic students organising a pathetic symposium.

6 Responses to Jerusalem College CSE symposium

  1. Vidhya Shankar says:

    Sad. But it happens oft. From the looks of it, it was the department’s first symposium. We can understand the lack of organizing, owe to poor support from staff and no experience. Atleast they can be courteous to the participants. Its part of our culture damn it – “Athithi devo bavah” (Guests are equivalent to God).

    My advice to them and other newbies – go to other college symposiums (irrespective of the department), take ideas from them, think it over, notice how they handle mishaps etc.
    It is not surprising to have mishaps and it is impossible to look into every possible problem before hand. Least you can do is minimize them.

    I thank Arun for creating this blog and letting me comment. I hope this will help budding Sympo Organizers!
    All the Best!!

  2. tdsmapper says:

    @Vidhya Shankar

    Thank you for the encouraging comment senior !

    Well.. thank me for creating this blog and letting you comment ? Its a really proud thing that you commented on my blog 🙂

    Yes.. I will not repeat these mistakes in the sympo of our college next academic year.

    Thank you for commenting !

    — Arun.M

  3. PrasHanth says:

    MASS! da…..
    Think u made a royal mess outta my name…but its fine…
    as long as u insult raja i don’t mind any insult….
    and VS please keep ur comments short….
    this is a comment space and not a blog posting space u kno….

  4. tdsmapper says:


    Podang domar… VS is giving real good advice to us, and u r telling him to keep his comment short…

  5. Vidhya Shankar says:

    @ Prashanth
    poda vendru

  6. Sundar says:

    Nice account of events da..

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